MailScanner and SA separate deliver/delete or the SA SQL option

Paul Rossman pdr at EVANSTON.FLUENT.COM
Tue Jun 4 18:40:49 IST 2002


I'd like to be able to set a spam action based on the results of both the
internal RBL result and the SpamAssassin result.

The reason for this, it that I trust the internal RBL check 100%, but I don't
trust the SpamAssassin result 100%.

Could an option be added to separate both of those based on email or domain in
the spam action file?


The other option I was thinking of was to use the SQL support built in to SA,
but in their docs, it mentions that this only works when calling the SA
daemon. I'd rather not separate MailScanner and SA into two processes.

Using the SQL option, our users could set their spam threshold to 100, which
will cause SA to never mark their mail as spam from SA and still be able to
get RBL based deletion, plus other combinations of deliver / delete.

Has anyone tried the SQL option in SA with MailScanner?

Thanks, paul

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