Improving speed in picking up messages from incoming queue

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Jul 25 13:38:13 IST 2002

At 13:05 25/07/2002, you wrote:
>On a small-workload setup (around 1 message every 40 seconds), is there
>a danger to reduce the 30-second delay to, say, a 10-second delay ?
>I don't have enough messages (about 50 users) to benefit from the
>high-load = no-latency effect...
>If I understand your code correctly, I would have to change the line :
>   # Wait and go round again if nothing to scan
>   sleep(30), next unless @MessagesIn;
>Any do's and don't before I crash my production server ?

That's fine. On a quiet machine you could quite safely reduce it by a
factor of 10. After all, 30 is a number I pulled out of thin air anyway :-)
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