how to let abuse emails through

Richard D Alloway ralloway at CHARTERPA.NET
Thu Jul 4 19:59:30 IST 2002

On Thu, 4 Jul 2002, Julian Field wrote:

> At 18:00 04/07/2002, you wrote:
> >I'm testing mailscanner + spamassassin + f-prot on one of my accounts
> >which receives abuse complaints regarding our users.
> >Since many of the complaints are about our users sending spam, and the
> >message is included, the complaints are marked as spam.
> >If I turn on the high score actions, there is a distinct possibility that
> >the complaints will be deleted since they contain high scoring spam.
> >I don't think using spam.whitelist.conf will work, since you need to enter
> >the sender, not the recipient.
> >Is there a way around this so that all email to, say, abuse@* will be
> >delivered regardless of score (perhaps even bypass spamassassin
> >completely)?
> You could use the "Accept Spam From" setting to mark all your internal IP
> addresses as ones that never generate spam, so they are automatically
> "white-listed".

Unfortunately, that wouldn't fix my problem.  Most of the complaints I
receive are from other ISPs so there is no way to know where the
complaints will be from.

> If you don't use the "High Score" feature, then you could set
> "abuse at" to have the rule "deliver" in spam.actions.conf
> (which you will have to enable in the mailscanner.conf file).

I take it there is no way to have it both ways...  In a perfect world, I
would have the High Score feature enabled to filter all of our users but
with the abuse at set to deliver.

Is this a possible future feature?

Thanks for the reply!


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