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At 18:00 04/07/2002, you wrote:
>I'm testing mailscanner + spamassassin + f-prot on one of my accounts
>which receives abuse complaints regarding our users.
>Since many of the complaints are about our users sending spam, and the
>message is included, the complaints are marked as spam.
>If I turn on the high score actions, there is a distinct possibility that
>the complaints will be deleted since they contain high scoring spam.
>I don't think using spam.whitelist.conf will work, since you need to enter
>the sender, not the recipient.
>Is there a way around this so that all email to, say, abuse@* will be
>delivered regardless of score (perhaps even bypass spamassassin

You could use the "Accept Spam From" setting to mark all your internal IP
addresses as ones that never generate spam, so they are automatically

If you don't use the "High Score" feature, then you could set
"abuse at" to have the rule "deliver" in spam.actions.conf
(which you will have to enable in the mailscanner.conf file).
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