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Schiltz Luc becher at
Thu Feb 21 12:33:41 GMT 2002


is there no way to exclude domains from being scanned
as we host around 400-500 sites per server and instead of including
them all in the file it would be great if one could exclude domain names
from being scanned by just adding them to a file

is this already planned ?



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I have modified the behaviour of the file slightly, in
response to a request from a user.

Whereas before, adding "" to the file would cause all mail to/from
         address at
to be scanned, it will now also cause all mail to/from
         address at
to be scanned as well.

I haven't yet got a release date for the next version (this is the only
change since the last version), and that will include this code.

If you want the code earlier, please ask and I'll mail it to you. If enough
people ask, I'll do a new release just for this.

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