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we are now running (2) dual XEON 733 boxes with 1G RAM and under a heavy load they are barely keeping up. we would also be happy to help beta test the code and work through these issues. we also have Deliver In Background set to yes and Delivery Mode set to queue.


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  I hate people that "me too", but me too :) We've got a dual 1.4 GHz box with 4GB or ram that runs consistantly under 2 or 3 load average. But sometimes when the volme of incoming mail greatly increases, the single Mailscanner process has a hard time keeping up. I know there are locking issues, but we would be happy to help work through these and to beta test code. Thanks.

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On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Ray Gardener wrote:
Using combined "Deliver In Background = yes" and "Delivery Method = batch"(or "Delivery Method = queue") is almost essential at sites with largethroughput.But there is still a weak spot.  There can only be one MailScanner process(in contrast to the multiple parallel sendmail/whatever processes).  Soany delays here (e.g. DNS name resolution) can cause massive build-ups in"Incoming Queue Dir", significantly hindering the entire throughput,If Julian has a "wish list" for MailScanner, my plea for its top item isto allow multiple MailScanner processes to run.We have touched on this subject before; Julian has concerns and worries,understandably, about locking issues.  But I think it is one of thoseissues that needs to be addressed, now that MailScanner is becoming amainstream product.  (I'm tempted to use the sales-droid "industrialstrength" jargon here...)--:  David Lee
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