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James Ratliff jratliff at MIS.NET
Wed Feb 20 16:42:34 GMT 2002

I hate people that "me too", but me too :) We've got a dual 1.4 GHz box
with 4GB or ram that runs consistantly under 2 or 3 load average. But
sometimes when the volme of incoming mail greatly increases, the single
Mailscanner process has a hard time keeping up. I know there are locking
issues, but we would be happy to help work through these and to beta
test code. Thanks.

David Lee wrote:

>On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Ray Gardener wrote:
>Using combined "Deliver In Background = yes" and "Delivery Method = batch"
>(or "Delivery Method = queue") is almost essential at sites with large
>But there is still a weak spot.  There can only be one MailScanner process
>(in contrast to the multiple parallel sendmail/whatever processes).  So
>any delays here (e.g. DNS name resolution) can cause massive build-ups in
>"Incoming Queue Dir", significantly hindering the entire throughput,
>If Julian has a "wish list" for MailScanner, my plea for its top item is
>to allow multiple MailScanner processes to run.
>We have touched on this subject before; Julian has concerns and worries,
>understandably, about locking issues.  But I think it is one of those
>issues that needs to be addressed, now that MailScanner is becoming a
>mainstream product.  (I'm tempted to use the sales-droid "industrial
>strength" jargon here...)
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