Which Commercial Anti-Virus?

Rishi Gangoly rishi at THEARGONCOMPANY.COM
Sat Feb 16 14:56:20 GMT 2002

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Subject: Re: Which Commercial Anti-Virus?

> We use Sophos and we are very happy with it.  They give the email gatewya
> version free if you buy more than 4 licenses.  I have heard that they can
> be expensive.  At first they were, but I told them I wanted to pay less
> they brought the price down.  I am paying $500 for three years for 4
> licenses.  (not bad).
> Their FTP server has never been down for the updates.  My only complaint
> that they force you to upgrade their software every three months.  I dont
> quite understand this.


Who have you spoken to in Sophos? Can you give me a contact for a sales
person there?

I have a Cobalt RaQ3 server hosting about 16-20 domains and going to grow.

The Mailboxes on each domain vary from 10 to 250

According to you would I have to pay per mailbox?



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