Which Commercial Anti-Virus?

Matt Kaminer matt at kaminer.com
Wed Feb 13 14:45:18 GMT 2002

We use Sophos and we are very happy with it.  They give the email gatewya
version free if you buy more than 4 licenses.  I have heard that they can
be expensive.  At first they were, but I told them I wanted to pay less and
they brought the price down.  I am paying $500 for three years for 4
licenses.  (not bad).

Their FTP server has never been down for the updates.  My only complaint is
that they force you to upgrade their software every three months.  I dont
quite understand this.

Todd Martin said:
> I'm shopping for an AV package for work. I wanted to get feedback
> from this list about which package to choose -- I don't have time to
> evaluate them all and I can't find any competent reviews in any of the
> pubs I get.
> I don't intend to start a flame war, but a quick little Brand X works
> great or Brand Y is a pain would be great. Here's my specs:
>        30 windows PC running mostly Win98 or Win2K (MacOS, WinME,
>        Win95). 2 Win2K servers
>        FreeBSD internet gateway with mailscanner (can run Linux
>        binaries)
> Price is somewhat an issue. I don't want to "double license" (once for
> the desktop, once for the email gateway) so I need a package that
> includes the unix command line application.
> Central management for settings, unattended scanning, and virus def
> file updates would be nice, but not absolutely necessary (most of my 30
> users are trustworthy and can follow instructions).
> I was considering F-Prot -- mostly due to the price. I have an
> evaluation copy running; however, I don't like how my win98 box has
> become sluggish. I've already heard from the list that F-Prot on
> Win2K is not happiness (anybody care to confirm/deny?).
> Please share your knowledge and experience 8-)
> ~Todd

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