OT: Sendmail Mail Routing

Youn Gonzales ispmgr at CLAS.NET
Fri Feb 15 14:02:10 GMT 2002

I use entries that look like this:

foundation.sdsu.edu     smtp:[]

This effectively "force routes" the mail to In either case,
the setup of the file is:

<domain>                        <mailer>:[mailhost]

<domain> can be preceeded by a "." as a wildcard mask and the square
brackets around mailhost bypass MX checking and send the mail directly to
mailhost. <mailer> is the configuration name of the mailer (in sendmail.cf)
used to send the mail.


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From: "Steve Evans" <sevans at FOUNDATION.SDSU.EDU>
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2002 5:23 PM
Subject: OT: Sendmail Mail Routing

Sorry for the semi-off-topic question.  If anyone could point me towards
a really good sendmail mailing list I'd appreciate it.

Anyways my MailScanner box acts as a relay for several systems.  In the
mailertable file I have entry's that look something like this.

foundation.sdsu.edu     relay:[]

Should I be using relay though or esmtp or something else?  The
mailscanner box routes mail for an Exchange 2000 box and a iPlanet Mail


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