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James A. Pattie james at PCXPERIENCE.COM
Thu Feb 14 20:03:50 GMT 2002

After doing an install of the mailscanner 3.04 from rpm, I was wondering
why you did not create the perl modules as rpms themselves?  I do this
all the time for the perl modules I develop and release (see
www.pcxperience.org) and have even done this for several CPAN modules I
wanted to have dependancies on.  It makes things a lot nicer than doing
it the Perl way.  :)

Also, has anybody toyed with the idea of "archiving" all emails that
come through the system?  This of course should be a configuration
option that defaults to off.  The reason I'm asking, is we have a client
that we are going to use the mailscanner for virus and spam checking but
they also want to scan all emails to make sure that no offensive content
is sent through their mail server.  All their users have been notified
that they are monitoring emails, etc.  Apparently they have had an issue
in the past with people emailing offensive materials to co-workers, etc.

I'm not asking to incorporate a content scanner (though that would be
better), just to provide the ability to archive the emails so another
script can scan them later.

James A. Pattie
james at pcxperience.com

Linux  --  SysAdmin / Programmer
PC & Web Xperience, Inc.

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