Problems calling SpamAssassin

Quentin Campbell Q.G.Campbell at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK
Tue Feb 12 09:01:44 GMT 2002


Setting the "skip_rbl_checks" option may not be enough. Comment the
"Razor" check and also the MX check if they are currently enabled and
see if that improves things.

I had installed the Net::DNS module but that appears to be faulty. I
found that almost any DNS lookup by SpamAssassin was delayed or would
untimately timeout.

If the Net::DNS module was present on your system when you built
SpamAssassin, certain checks may be implicitly enabled according to my
reading of the SpamAssassin docs. To be safe, remove Net::DNS and
rebuild SA.

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> From: Youn Gonzales [mailto:ispmgr at CLAS.NET] 
> Sent: 11 February 2002 20:36
> Subject: Re: Problems calling SpamAssassin
> I set the skip_rbl_checks option, but SpamAssassin still 
> slows everything down to a crawl. It takes over 3 minutes for 
> a batch of 50 messages. I think SpamAssassin is timing out 
> for some reason. Are there any other settings or perhaps 
> ports on the firewall necessary for SA to work properly?
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> > Sounds like you've got DNS resolving problems. Have you tried the 
> > skip_rbl_checks option in SpamAssassin? It's in the 
> user_prefs file. 
> > MailScanner calls the SpamAssassin Perl API and therefore 
> does not use 
> > the "spamassassin" script or spamc/spamd.
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