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> Originally I want all mail (including mail
> going from Exchange UserA to Exchange UserB) to go through
> this smarthost also but I can't figure out how.

Off the top of my head you can do it on a per-user basis in Outlook
(not sure if this can be set up in some sort of server-side policy or
default install policy) by going to "Tools", "Accounts" and then
clicking the second tab which I think is marked "Delivery" or
something.  You can then move up and down the order in which email
delivery agents are tried and put Exchange Internet Gateway at the top
- thus all the email you send goes out via the internet mailer (which
presumably will then have to route it back in to exchange!)  I think
it's different on XP, you'll have to dig deeper for that setting, I've
not found it yet!

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