I Think this would be a great idea

Kelly Hamlin fizz at BOMB.NET
Thu Feb 7 16:28:40 GMT 2002

how about being able to skip spam detection for a particular user then?
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> At 14:52 07/02/2002, you wrote:
> >Something similar to how spamassassin does it would be wonderfull, that
> >im not hating certain people who continously call me about thier email.
> >There should be an easy way for you to make it so you have a
> >file and list people who you dont want mailscanner to do anything with.
> >this is possible i will love you guys even more!
> >thanks and keep up the good work.
> >Also, so i know, am i the only one who has this problem and would anyone
> >else even be interested in this?
> I have religious objections to writing this feature. Not scanning a
> particular user's mail is a **VERY** dangerous thing to do.
> People who live in a site protected by a virus-scanning gateway get
> accustomed to there not being viruses around, and are less careful when
> opening attachments etc.
> Your user, who does not have their mail scanned, receives a virus and
> ignores it. They send happen to send it on to 50 other people for some
> unknown reason, and 1 of those 50 double-clicks an infected attachment.
> now have at least 1 virus-infected PC. Bad news :-(
> So sorry, I don't like the idea of being able to not scan various people's
> email. I think you should be educating your users of the dangers instead.
> That's what I did here with a couple of people who thought they were
> to PC viruses, and they have both since thanked me for declining their
> request as they later received viruses that would have caught them out.
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