I Think this would be a great idea

Julian Field jkf at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Feb 7 16:19:53 GMT 2002

At 14:52 07/02/2002, you wrote:
>Something similar to how spamassassin does it would be wonderfull, that way
>im not hating certain people who continously call me about thier email.
>There should be an easy way for you to make it so you have a dont_scan.conf
>file and list people who you dont want mailscanner to do anything with. If
>this is possible i will love you guys even more!
>thanks and keep up the good work.
>Also, so i know, am i the only one who has this problem and would anyone
>else even be interested in this?

I have religious objections to writing this feature. Not scanning a
particular user's mail is a **VERY** dangerous thing to do.

People who live in a site protected by a virus-scanning gateway get
accustomed to there not being viruses around, and are less careful when
opening attachments etc.

Your user, who does not have their mail scanned, receives a virus and
ignores it. They send happen to send it on to 50 other people for some
unknown reason, and 1 of those 50 double-clicks an infected attachment. You
now have at least 1 virus-infected PC. Bad news :-(

So sorry, I don't like the idea of being able to not scan various people's
email. I think you should be educating your users of the dangers instead.

That's what I did here with a couple of people who thought they were immune
to PC viruses, and they have both since thanked me for declining their
request as they later received viruses that would have caught them out.
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