have one user who is a pita

Julian Field jkf at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Feb 7 09:13:23 GMT 2002

At 02:13 07/02/2002, you wrote:
>i want to make it so all mail going to ONE user is not scanned at all if
>thats possible. I know in spamassassin this is possible, but the
>user_prefs arnt used when using mailscanner if i understand correctly.

You can't currently turn off spam-checking per-user.

>im setting up emails and domains i want to not get marked as spam in the
>/opt/mailscanner/etc/spam.whitelist.conf file
>example, i put in
><mailto:email at yahoogroups.com>email at yahoogroups.com

Are you sure the envelope doesn't actually say returns.yahoogroups.com?
Check your incoming mail logs for details of what the envelope sender
*actually* was. Copying stuff out of the message is a very unreliable way
of finding the sender, all that information can be different from what
actually appears in the envelope.

>and a few more, like
>ebay.com ect ect, but it doesnt seem to be paying attention to this file.

See above.

>Any help would be great, the sooner i get this lady off my back the
>better. She makes me feel like ive done a bad thing by marking her dog
>club email as spam. hehe

I've increased the SA required_hits to a point where virtually no false
positives happen, and I give short shrift to people who complain a lot :-)
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