have one user who is a pita

Kelly Hamlin fizz at BOMB.NET
Thu Feb 7 02:13:04 GMT 2002

those who do support know a pita is a (P)ain (I)n (T)he (A)$$

i want to make it so all mail going to ONE user is not scanned at all if thats possible. I know in spamassassin this is possible, but the user_prefs arnt used when using mailscanner if i understand correctly.
Maybe im doing something wronge, so ill explain.
im setting up emails and domains i want to not get marked as spam in the /opt/mailscanner/etc/spam.whitelist.conf file
example, i put in 
email at yahoogroups.com 
and a few more, like
ebay.com ect ect, but it doesnt seem to be paying attention to this file.

Any help would be great, the sooner i get this lady off my back the better. She makes me feel like ive done a bad thing by marking her dog club email as spam. hehe

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