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Gavin Nelmes-Crocker gavin at NETERGY.COM
Tue Dec 31 01:59:30 GMT 2002

yep - I did that in the end to prove that the rpms weren't working as they
should - the problem is that I need to build something in a repeatable way
in case I end up under a bus and something goes wrong its far easier to
create an install script that installs rpms in the right order the progress
that onto a pkg than it is to build a script that installs everything from
source BUT time is money and maybe I could move on quicker if I accepted
defeat.....mmmm not yet. I'm still putting this down to learning curve for
rpming I'd just like some pointers to move on quicker.



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> I installed SA on a RaQ using the .tar.gz distribution rather than the RPM
> and it worked fine.  Have you given that a shot?
> Mike
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> Hi
> In battling away to get Spam Assassin installed on a Cobalt RaQ I have
> discovered that the rpm sources for Mailscanner don't build properly on a
> RaQ in that they don't add the information to the podfile the ones I'm
> working on specifically at the moment is File::Spec, HTML::Parser and
> HTML::Tagset
> When I build them manually they do what they should do but not in
> the rpm -
> there are some areas of the rpm spec file I don't understand.
> Is there anyone who is a wizz at rpm and a bit of a perl guru who could
> help?
> Thanks
> Gavin
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