losing mail by stopping mailscanner ?

Johannes Maybaum gjm at PRYDE.2053.NET
Mon Dec 30 12:54:54 GMT 2002


   while upgrading to mailscanner 4.10-1 i encountered a problem that might
cause loss of mail.
Mailscanner placed several incoming messages in its ../incoming/${PID}/
directories, but was shutdown before a delivery attempt could be made.
After restarting mailscanner those directories aren't checked for unprocessed
messages and will probably be removed by some errant "clenup" script.
Is there a way to avoid those directories getting abandoned?

One other less severe thing came up:
   running mailsanner under an id other than root (or the owner of the
installation directory / config files) causes mailscanner to fail, as it
opens the files  in "+<" mode. This means changing the open mode (which will
perhaps counter some intended effects (locking?)) or making the directories
writeable to the userid mailscanner is using at runtime.
I would consider this at least a misfeature.


Outlook is still one of the finest worm and virus propagation mechanisms
known to man, ...

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