orphaned mqueue.in/df* files

Clint Miller cmiller at TIGERBYTE.COM
Mon Dec 30 20:46:08 GMT 2002

We have MailScanner with SA and razor running successfully on several
RH7.3 machines.  These machines are fairly heavily load.  We
experience a strange problem though when we stop and then start

we have df files in the mqueue.in directory that have no corresponding
qf files and a grep of the maillogs for the file names (less the df
part of course) indicates that these files were never processed. and
without a qf part will never get processed...

We've tried running 'sendmail -oQ/var/spool/mqueue.in -q -v' with
MailScanner stopped but only the df+qf pairs were processed.  The df
without qf files don't know where to go since they have no qf part.

The times on these df files in question correspond directly with the
times the MailScanner service was stopped and restarted.   We did not
see this problem until we put the servers in service under heavy

Any help would be appreciated!
Clint Miller

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