Integrating with SpamAssassin on a RaQ

Paul Welsh paul at ESPMAIL.CO.UK
Mon Dec 30 00:50:16 GMT 2002

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From: "Barry Andersson" <barry at COATINGS.NET.AU>
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Subject: Integrating with SpamAssassin on a RaQ

> I then sent a deliberate spam message full of lots of spammy phrases
> would have resulted in a score of around 10 to myself and a friend.
> email went through without the spam being detected.
> The mail log showed nothing, just that message was scanned and found
to be
> OK.

I have spamassassin and MailScanner working fine on a raq3 and I'm sure
there are plenty of people running on raq4s without problems.  There are
notes from Julian at about installing spamassassin
on a raq4.

Did you try testing spamassassin as per the spamassassin documentation?
Just copy and paste the full message inc headers of a spam message into
a file called sample-spam.txt and ditto for a non-spam message into a
file called sample-nonspam.txt and then run the following commands:

spamassassin -t < sample-spam.txt > spam.out
spamassassin -t < sample-nonspam.txt > nonspam.out

Have a look at spam.out and nonspam.out and you should see lines like
this in it.  This at least will determine whether spamassassin is

X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 2.43 (

SPAM: -------------------- Start SpamAssassin
results ----------------------

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