Integrating with SpamAssassin on a RaQ

Barry Andersson barry at COATINGS.NET.AU
Mon Dec 30 00:07:37 GMT 2002


I now have MailScanner scanning for viruses fine on my Cobalt RaQ 4.

I wanted to add SpamAssassin support so did the following:

1. Installed additional perl modules Time::HiRes, File::Spec, HTML::Parser
and Pod::Usage
2. Downloaded and untarred SpamAssassin 2.43
3. perl Makefile.PL
4. make
5. make test
6. make install

Up to this point no errors had occurred and the install appeared to go fine.

7. Changed "Use SpamAssassin" in etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf to yes
8. Restarted MailScanner

I then sent a deliberate spam message full of lots of spammy phrases which
would have resulted in a score of around 10 to myself and a friend. The
email went through without the spam being detected.

The mail log showed nothing, just that message was scanned and found to be

Any thoughts?


Barry Andersson

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