filename.rules.conf Need to allow .exe without receiving {Virus?} in the Subject

lester lasad llasad1 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Dec 26 15:03:13 GMT 2002

I would like to allow certain file types that were originally set to deny in /etc/MailScaner/filename.rules.conf.  I tried to rem out "#" the two deny lines listed below but the subject is still listing {Virus?} in the subject line.  I also tried adding the 2 allow lines below to see if that would help but still no luck.  I have also restarted MailScanner and rebooted the server after making the changes.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Thanks for any suggestions.

allow \.com$ - -
allow \.exe$ - -

# These 2 added by popular demand - Very often used by viruses
# deny \.com$  Windows/DOS Executable
# deny \.exe$  Windows/DOS Executable

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