Confused about Queues

Randy Herban RHerban at GRAMTEL.NET
Fri Dec 20 14:58:36 GMT 2002

As far as the mail queues go, here is their breakdown:
Incoming mail gets delivered directly to /var/spool/
Mailscanner then checks that queue and grabs bunches of mail to be scanned.
Once mail is scanned it is delivered to the /var/spool/mqueue where sendmail
has a queue runner that delivers mail from this directory (default is every
15 minutes).

This does not take into effect the Delivery Method option in MailScanner.
If that is set to batch, once it is done scanning it attempts to deliver the
mail manually rather than dropping it directly to the outgoing queue.

Honestly I would not worry about the clientmqueue.  It is something new with
sendmail (like 8.12+ ?) and I'm not sure what it does.

As for sendmail lists, I'm not sure if there are any in existence or not but
it seems to be a mixed beast.  Most only know it enough to do the very basic
and get by, others use different MTA's :o)


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From: Leonard, Phil [mailto:Phil.Leonard at DSIONLINE.COM]
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Speaking of sendmail questions, is there a sendmail mailing list?  I can
find a site that has an archive
( of one but I haven't been
able to determine the mailing list address.


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From: Dawes, Stephen [mailto:Stephen.Dawes at GOV.CALGARY.AB.CA]
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Subject: Confused about Queues

I know that we are to restrain ourselves from asking sendmail questions on
this list, but I have looked in a lot of places including, and
I have been unable to solve my dilemma. </snip>

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