Confused about Queues

Spicer, Kevin KevinS at BMRB.CO.UK
Fri Dec 20 14:59:29 GMT 2002

clientmqueue is specified in /etc/mail/ (on Mandrake  & I guess the same on RedHat) this cf file is used by the sm-client submission service (another sendmail service), which I believe is used by local programs to add mail to the mailqueue.  Check how many sendmail processes you have running (you may have many, depending on your load - but only two should have a PPID of 1).  Maybe you didn't chkconfig sendmail off?

You can tell if the messages in the queue have been scanned by looking for X-MailScanner: headers in the qf files in the clientmqueue.

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> Sent: 20 December 2002 14:43
> Subject: Confused about Queues
> I am not sure what is happening on my configuration, but I 
> have apparently 3 mail queues in the /var/spool directory.
> mqueue
> clientmqueue
> From what I can best determine, all of my messages are 
> stalling in the clientmqueue. What I am unable to tell, is if 
> the mail is being scanned by MailScanner before it is hitting 
> the clientmqueue, or if the mail is being hung up before it 
> even gets to MailScanner.
> How can I get rid of the clientmqueue being referenced at 
> all? Additionally, what is this queue and where did it come from?
> When I look at the MailScanner.conf file, there is no mention 
> of this queue, and my incoming and outgoing queues are the 
> default set by the package.
> BTW: I am using Red Hat 8 with sendmail-8.12.5.
> I know that we are to restrain ourselves from asking sendmail 
> questions on this list, but I have looked in a lot of places 
> including, and I have been unable to solve my dilemma.
> Steve Dawes
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