<<<No Message Collected>>> [Was Re: SYSERR(root): readqf: cannot open ./df*]

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Dec 17 10:14:51 GMT 2002

At 23:55 16/12/2002, you wrote:
>On Mon, 2002-12-16 at 04:42, Spicer, Kevin wrote:
> > I've started a new thread as this is clearly a different problem
> (despite the similar error messages)
> >
> > Quick recap...
> > Two messages appearing in error log:
> > Dec  9 10:53:59 mailhost sendmail[19633]: gB9Arxid019633: SYSERR(root):
> > cannot flock (/etc/mail/access.db, fd=7, type=1, omode=100000, euid=0): No
> > locks available

It has to be a run-out-of-locks problem, from the error message above.
Somehow you need to get your systems view of available file locks increased.

> > Dec 16 10:04:56 mailhost sendmail[8497]: gBGA4pjZ008478: SYSERR(root):
> readqf: cannot open ./dfgBGA4pjZ008478: No such file or directory
> >
> > Of these the second is the most common & ties up with messages users
> > recieve which contain '<<<No Message Collected>>>' instead of the
> > message body
>...snip, snip...
>I don't think there is supposed to be any way that you'd have two
>sendmail precesses running against the queue ID on the input side of
>sendmail (i.e., receiving a message from a remote MTA). But I believe
>you can can more than one process dealing with the same message ID on
>the delivery side. The question is whether this occurs before
>MailScanner sees the message (which might indicate a sendmail mail
>problem) or when MailScanner has finished with the message. Since I
>don't know the hostname of this system it isn't clear to me which side
>it occurs on. Does the maillog indicate that Mailscanner saw the message
>ID before or after the sendmail error?
>The instructions said to use Windows 98 or better, so I installed

Julian Field
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