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Well, I don't think your current setup will work as you think it will.
First of all, your sendmail+mailscanner isn't setup to accept mail for your
domain as local mail.
It just accepts it, scans it and delivers to backend via mailertable.

In order to take advantage of the aliases file you will have to tell
sendmail the domain is local (/etc/mail/sendmail.cw or
/etc/mail/local-host-names) by just adding the domain name in that file.
Then you are probably better off to use the virtusertable file instead of
aliases as you still need mail destined for people who still work for you to
hit your groupwise server.
The virtusertable file should look something like this:

Barb.left at domain.com            barb at hotmail.com
Dave.left at domain.com            dave at aol.com
jeff at domain.com                 jeff at aol.com
@domain.com                             %1 at mail.domain.com

This will also require you to setup an extra dns entry for mail.domain.com
pointing to your groupwise server.


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I am a new MailScanner user and I am very impressed with it to say the

Can someone help on a slightly off topic issue?  We use MailScanner to scan
mail then it relays it to our main mail server, a GroupWise system on
Netware box, with an entry in /etc/mail/mailertable. All works well. But we
would like to use the opportunity of the unix box on which MailScanner runs
to take care of some of the re-direction we need to do for people who have
left us. I am not very good with unix, but I now that in normal
circumstances, putting the entries in /etc/aliases would allow us to
re-direct the mail to the outside world. Unfortunaley, no entries in
/etc/aliases seem to work - probably because of the entry in mailertable.
Is there something I can do to be able to use /etc/aliases?

Thanks in advance.


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