virus detection

Sean Embry sean at NISD.NET
Mon Dec 16 15:04:36 GMT 2002

If you really want to see something, run it in FRONT of MailScanner and
see what MailSweeper/MimeSweeper misses.

Add to that the fact that MailScanner can be installed in about 10
seconds (unless you have a big mail operation), runs on Unix, and is
customizable (if you know perl) and you get a package that blows other
products out of the water.


>>> rc at ITSS.NERC.AC.UK 12/15/02 07:52AM >>>
I posted a message to this list a week or so back, saying that we were
(temporarily) running a commercial product (MailSweeper) behind
MailScanner so MailSweeper would pick up anything which MailScanner
had missed.

Julian's response seemed to be along the lines of "Of course you wont
see anything ....  "

I confess that I was a bit more sceptical.

After a couple of weeks, I can confirm that all we have seen is the
harmless KLEZ viruses with malformed MIME.

Very impressed.
                      Ron Campbell

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