Sendmail Mailertable entries

John Rudd jrudd at KZIN.UCSC.EDU
Sun Dec 15 18:38:09 GMT 2002

> Subject: Re: Sendmail Mailertable entries
> At 15:01 15/12/2002, you wrote:
> >I have set up mailertable entries in sendmail and have
> >
> >enabled the smart host feature on the box.
> >
> >The goal in mind is to use MailScanner/ sendmail as my
> >mail gateway for 5 different domains, then forward all
> >email to another smtp host running Lotus Notes.
> >
> >Lotus Notes will determine if the account is in the
> >address book.
> >
> >everything works fine when running sendmail by itself,
> >when I turn on MailScanner, sendmail processes the
> >message, sends it to MailScanner and it dies there
> >totally ignoring the sendmail rules.
> >
> >What am I doing wrong here?
> As MailScanner is not actually involved in any of the mail delivery
> process, I would suggest that something simple is wrong with your
> MailScanner config. Do the messages build up in or mqueue or what?
> What does your maillog say is happening? You also might want to include
> your MailScanner.conf file and version number.

I'd also check to be sure that both sendmail processes are running

I'd run the following commands (using BSD syntax for ps):

ps -auxww | grep sendmail | grep queueonly
(should give you at least one result, and this sendmail should also have the
-bd option on it)

ps -auxww | grep perl | grep scan
(should give as many results as you have mailscanner children)

ps -auxww | grep sendmail | grep -- -q
(should give you one result, which should NOT have the -bd option on it)

That ps arg set should work on linux, but on solaris you'll need "ps -efa"
instead of "ps -auxww" unless you have /usr/ucb early in your path.

If you didn't get the results I said, then you're probably not running the
right set of sendmails, or you're not actually running mailscanner.

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