Sendmail Mailertable entries

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun Dec 15 18:00:58 GMT 2002

At 15:01 15/12/2002, you wrote:
>I have set up mailertable entries in sendmail and have
>enabled the smart host feature on the box.
>The goal in mind is to use MailScanner/ sendmail as my
>mail gateway for 5 different domains, then forward all
>email to another smtp host running Lotus Notes.
>Lotus Notes will determine if the account is in the
>address book.
>everything works fine when running sendmail by itself,
>when I turn on MailScanner, sendmail processes the
>message, sends it to MailScanner and it dies there
>totally ignoring the sendmail rules.
>What am I doing wrong here?

As MailScanner is not actually involved in any of the mail delivery
process, I would suggest that something simple is wrong with your
MailScanner config. Do the messages build up in or mqueue or what?
What does your maillog say is happening? You also might want to include
your MailScanner.conf file and version number.
Julian Field
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