Announce: mailscanner-mrtg version 0.03 is out!

Dale Lovelace dlovelace at HOTELS.COM
Sat Dec 14 02:26:06 GMT 2002

> 1. I always have one file in the both the incoming queue and the
> queue.  I've gone in an checked and there aren't any files in either
> I'm only running a mail server for home use so I don't see thousands
> messages.  Could this mean the file count is off by one?

  Well... I think there is a bug that makes it always show one file,
even when the directory is empty. So when there actually are files
there, it isn't off by one, but it is when the directory is empty.
Someone has already reported this and suggested a fix. Should be in 0.04
which I am expecting to release Sunday.

> 2. The bytes of mail transferred has maxed out.  I assume this is what
> your other message was commenting on (too low a value).

  Yes, just a great big oops on my part :-) Was a new graph sent in by
someone and I didn't test it long enough on my real MailScanner server
to let the value max out. Because I can't have even 1 minute downtime on
my real MailScanner server, I have set up two test MailScanner servers
for testing mailscanner-mrtg. One runs Red Hat 7.3 and one runs Red Hat
8.0. I just send a few mails through them when I build a new
mailscanner-mrtg, so they don't see much work. This will be fixed in

> 3. I'm seeing strange percentages in the ethernet traffic (after
> to see the detail graphs).  The max is 3798%, avg 501%, and current is
> 53%???

  To be honest I don't even know what that stuff means :-) It was all
sent in to me from someone. If anyone knows anything about Ethernet
traffic, what those numbers mean, and/or how I could graph them better
please feel free to let me know!

> Everything else looks good!  Thanks for a great package.

  Thanks man! I have been using it for my MailScanner server for a month
or so now, and thought I would share it with everyone.


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