firewall ports needed for spamassassin

Kevin J. Steil kevin.steil at
Fri Dec 13 21:11:54 GMT 2002

You will need to open SMTP ports, both inbound and out (optional)
You will need to open port for Razor (tcp2703)
You will need to open DNS ports (tcp/udp 53)
You will need to open SSH or other ports for management of the server if
in a DMZ (tcp22)
You will need to open HTTP and FTP outbound so that you can you update
the server either using perl -MCPAN or browsing to download software and
using mget...(tcp80/443 and tcp21)

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At 17:48 13/12/2002, you wrote:
>I am having a real problem with spamassassin (configured through
>MailScanner). I have discovered that when I turn on any RBL checks
>with/within MailScanner, I get timeouts on all of them. I do not see
>anything when the checks are done with spamassassin.
>This machine is behind a firewall. Do I need anything opened up in the
>firewall to allow the RBL checks to occur.

SpamAssassin will be doing a load of DNS lookups, using whatever machine
referred to in the /etc/resolv.conf just like all other DNS lookups
(someone will correct me if I'm wrong).

So it needs to be able to access a DNS server which can do TCP+UDP port
to the outside world (note "to" not "from", you aren't creating an
Julian Field
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