Third Queue?? for the "gray" area Spam

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Thu Dec 12 11:32:51 GMT 2002

At 17:34 11/12/2002, you wrote:
>I was thinking, if a piece of email is scanned with SpamAssassin and it
>comes back with a score say between 1-5, then deliver the mail.
>If the score came back between 6-9, it's in the gray area of being spam.
>This is where I'd like to move it ("requeue" option) to a third queue
>which is only delivered
>from a MTA queue runner process/administrator.  This would give the
>a chance to check the queue and educate the system by updating rules/
>Everything above 9 would be Spam.

You can now pretty much do this. If you make the outgoing queue directory a
tiny little custom function, and have it make the outgoing queue directory
depend on the sascore attribute, then the output queue will depend on the
SpamAssassin score. You then *don't* run a sendmail -q15m on this extra
queue directory,but only deliver messages 1 at a time by hand (with a
sendmail -qI command).

>Proposed new Config Options:
>"Spam Actions" option would have another value of "requeue".
>Spam Score = 9  # (This already exists, but in this case the gray area
>would be between 6-9
>Spam Gray Area Min Score = 6
>Spam Gray Area Action = requeue | deliver | delete | store | bounce |
>forward | striphtml
>Spam Gray Area Queue = /var/spool/exim.gray/input
>Can this be done?  Is it already possible?
>  -Allan
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