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Rose, Bobby wrote:
> Isn't the point of a signed message that is coming from the sender
> unmolested.  Mailscanner is going have to open it to scan it for
> viruses.  You could have a rule to exclude your domain from the spam
> scanning but not virus scanning.  This doesn't resolve the problem
> though.  Now it's might be possible to have mailscanner check for that
> mime-type and not scan it but knowing virus development, an infected
> system would give the virus access to the certificate and it could
> potentially use it and sign virus infected message.

When I've sent messages internal to our office, where I have a
MailScanner rule configured not to sign them, the email comes through
and the signature is still valid, so MailScanner isn't demolishing the
email.  I could see an issue if you had signed an email and one of your
attachments was infected, then that may break the signature, but from
what I have seen, PGP/MIME and S/MIME don't actually encrypt/sign the
attachments or they do the attachments but not the body.

Which is why I think if MailScanner can detect a S/MIME signature we
just don't bother doing the clean mail signature from MailScanner and
leave the body of the email alone which will leave the digital signature

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