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Wed Dec 11 12:32:41 GMT 2002

At 02:51 11/12/2002, you wrote:
>Some of the recent posts have digital signatures. Outlook flagged an
>error and disallowed opening mails as it recognised contents were
>changed enroute. I've seen replies by others to these mails. Surmise -
>mail is going thro' ok for others or email client does not support
>signature verification.
>I'm guessing this is due to mailscanner on my mailserver. Nothing else
>in between would parse or change contents of mails. Is this true? If so,
>would mailscanner usage not go down once digital signature use comes
>into force?

MailScanner does not alter the body of the message at all unless you
explicitly ask it to by adding a signature on the bottom.
Julian Field
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