How to properly whitelist.

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Mon Dec 9 22:30:25 GMT 2002

Yes, I did read all the pages about the rules. The problem is that there
are lots of rules that you could make for every possibility. I've been
trying to play around with sendmail for a while but couldn't get anything
done because of the extremely hard to understand syntax.

I think indeed one or two example rules with wildcards like
* and *@* would be helpful especially if
you're trying to set things up the first time. If you get the hang of it
it sort of appears obvious but until that time you just get frustrated
with things being (not) marked as they should and trying to figure out why

> >What would I need to add to get a wildcard like *@* ?
> Exactly that:
>          *@*
> >Maybe it's a good idea to give ample examples in the rules list that is
> >included in mailscanner by default as there seem to be quite a few
> >questions about it?
> It's okay once you get the hang of it :-)
> But point taken. Have you read the "EXAMPLES" and "README" files in the
> rules directory provided in the distribution? Did they help? All
> contributions of things to add to these files would be most welcome.
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> Julian Field
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