How to properly whitelist.

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Mon Dec 9 22:00:29 GMT 2002

At 21:43 09/12/2002, you wrote:
>Hmm, I still don't quite get it, now I'm totally lost :)
>I included the following line in my spam.whitelist.rules list:
>From:                  yes
>Why doesn't this rule include any possible combination of e-mail
>adresses and hosts within the domain? I'd think that by
>whitelisting I would have whitelisted both whoever at
>as well as whoever at

No, "" is shorthand for
If you want to whitelist all hosts within the domain, then you need
to add a rule matching
as well.

>What would I need to add to get a wildcard like *@* ?

Exactly that:

>Maybe it's a good idea to give ample examples in the rules list that is
>included in mailscanner by default as there seem to be quite a few
>questions about it?

It's okay once you get the hang of it :-)
But point taken. Have you read the "EXAMPLES" and "README" files in the
rules directory provided in the distribution? Did they help? All
contributions of things to add to these files would be most welcome.
Julian Field
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