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James A. Pattie james at PCXPERIENCE.COM
Fri Dec 6 19:48:02 GMT 2002

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	Xperience, Inc. is looking to start an Open Source project (on
SourceForge) to provide for easier administration of MailScanner.  We
are especially interested in making an interface whereby mail users can
login and specify if they want virus scanning, spam filtering, etc. and
what values to use for spam, high spam, what to do with spams, etc.

	We are initially thinking of making an abstraction perl module that
provides read/write methods for all the options MailScanner may need a
value for and the module then provides the specific behind the scenes
setup and read/write methods for any backend that it has support for.
We are thinking about having interfaces for DBI, ldap, xml, text files,
db files, etc. though we will probably only implement the DBI and xml
interfaces ourselves.  This module would be instantiated using the
CustomConfig interface.

	Anyone interested in participating, suggestions, etc. please contact
me.  james at

Thank you,

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James A. Pattie
james at

Linux  --  SysAdmin / Programmer
Xperience, Inc.

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