MailScanner dying

Craig Bates c.bates at COMNET.CO.NZ
Thu Dec 5 19:26:29 GMT 2002

It was set to around 1800, I increased it to 8192, but Mailscanner processes 
are still dying off.  Only 2 of the 6 that started 9 hours ago are running.  
Any other idea?  Is it possible that spam assassin, razor, or the RBL checks 
are sometimes causing it to die, without logging anything??


On Thursday 05 December 2002 10:43, you wrote:
> At 21:29 04/12/2002, you wrote:
> >I'm running 6 MailScanner processes, they seem to die off over a day or
> > so. After a few hours there may only be 4 processes running.  I'm using
> > f-prot, spam assassin, RAZOR and RBL checks.  There is nothing in the
> > logs indicating that anything has gone wrong.  I'm running FreeBSD 4.7
> > and the latest version of mailscanner.  Any Ideas?
> Check how many filehandles you have available. I have a nasty feeling this
> figure is very low on BSD. Do
>          ulimit -a
> to see the figure (it will probably be labelled "open files"). If it is
> less than a few thousand, you should be able to raise it with
>          ulimit -n 4000
> Then re-run MailScanner and it should be happier.

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