MailScanner dying

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Dec 4 21:43:32 GMT 2002

At 21:29 04/12/2002, you wrote:
>I'm running 6 MailScanner processes, they seem to die off over a day or so.
>  After a few hours there may only be 4 processes running.  I'm using f-prot,
>spam assassin, RAZOR and RBL checks.  There is nothing in the logs
>indicating that anything has gone wrong.  I'm running FreeBSD 4.7 and the
>latest version of mailscanner.  Any Ideas?

Check how many filehandles you have available. I have a nasty feeling this
figure is very low on BSD. Do
         ulimit -a
to see the figure (it will probably be labelled "open files"). If it is
less than a few thousand, you should be able to raise it with
         ulimit -n 4000
Then re-run MailScanner and it should be happier.
Julian Field
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