Virus: Replace message to recipient

Derek Buttineau derek at
Mon Dec 2 22:51:44 GMT 2002

Quick question if possible.

We're currently using MailScanner to scan for spam on mail inbound to our network.. I'm trying to convince my higher ups to replace our AMaViS product for virus scanning with a MailScanner solution as well.

One of the initial key hurdles I need to broach to pacify the powers that be is to keep the system initally the same as AMaViS in terms of notification and message queuing.

What I'm wondering.. and though I've played with the config somewhat, I may have missed it.

Is it possible to replace the message destined to the recipient with a new message, say perhaps just attach the VirusWarning.txt message as the body of the message and also replace the Subject line?  If I can initially replicate the behaviour of AMaViS then I can most likely win them over :)

Anyway if you could let me know if this is/would be easily achievable or not, I can proceed from there.


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