Outgoing mail problems

Huw Wyn Jones huw at PIODEN.NET
Mon Dec 2 11:35:37 GMT 2002


I've just set-up MailScanner 4.05-3 from RPM on a RH8 box running Sendmail
and F-prot (Dual P3 1GHz., 768Mb RAM). Load is really light - no more than a
few hundred e-mails a day at the mo. Incoming mail seems to be perfect -
100% success. Problem is that some outgoing e-mails get sent OK through the
system - others seem to disappear into a queue and not get sent at all. Can
anybody suggest what might be wrong ?

The only mail which will be sent through the system is generated by apps on
the server i.e. BBS's, mailing lists, webmail etc. as SMTP sending has been
locked down as a security measure. Considering the configuration we could
probably get away with not scanning outgoing mail at all - is there a way to
bypass MailScanner for outgoing only ?

I'm a noob to the world of mail serving so pls excuse any really dumb



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