Problem when shut/start sendmail and mailscanner

Fernando L. M. Gonçalves flmg5855 at TJ.SC.GOV.BR
Fri Aug 16 22:34:23 IST 2002

The filenames are start with "df" and "xf", e.g. dfg7DBSLt13069 and

Do you think what I can to delete this files ?


Julian Field wrote:

> Exactly what are the filenames left behind?
> If they start with a capital letter, they are partly-received messages that
> sendmail was reading when it was killed.
> The messages are re-sent completely when sendmail starts up again. These
> files can be safely deleted, as can zero-length "qf" files, and "df" files
> with no corresponding "qf" file. "tf" files with no corresponding "qf" file
> can be renamed to "qf".
> What all that boils down to is this:
> MailScanner will pick up completely delivered messages (qf and df pairs of
> files). Anything else will be ignored.
> At 21:53 16/08/2002, you wrote:
> >When I shutdown sendmail and mailscanner the files remaining in the
> > directory aren´t processed when I start sendmail/mailscanner
> >again.
> >The mailscanner start a new sequence of files in directory and
> >ignore the old files.
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