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Thu Aug 15 10:05:45 IST 2002

It was simpler than I expected :-)

At 15:41 14/08/2002, you wrote:
> > Fair point.
> > Hopefully this will make it into the next major release.
>Thank you very very very much(If I can help please let me know).
> >
> > I am intending to rename the Viruses to Silently Delete option to something
> > like "Do Not Disinfect Or Warn Sender". I can't immediately think of a
> > better name for it. I don't want to keep the "Viruses to Silently Delete"
> > option as that isn't really what it does.
> >
>For me one file would do, however I'm sure other users would appreciate
>the ability to split it up.  The only thing I have in the file is klez,
>and I'm thinking about two other viruses going into it.  I would think
>logically it could be called "Do Not Disinfect or War Reciepent" to keep
>things consistent.
> >
> > Also, does this need to be configurable per domain/address/whatever or will
> > a single global list suffice? It's a bit expensive to calculate the list of
> > matches if it's per-domain.
> >
> >
>Once again, not in my case, however some users may like it.  I would
>fear that there would begin to be a  huge cross reference between all
>the files though.

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