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One possibility is to rename anything with a restricted file extension
to filename.extension.txt.  So setup.exe would become setup.exe.txt.  I
personally would never do this because of my bussiness situation but I
could see how it would be usefull for an ISP.  Of course if the virus
scanner marks it as a virus then it won't rename it, just block it, and
it would have to be an option.  Maybe even by file extension, like exe's
get renamed, vbs's just get blocked.

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At 11:26 12/08/2002, you wrote:
>My gut feeling is to delete virus infected files however files rejected

>because the filename rules, and are clean, could be treated differently

>as they can be renamed to something 'safe' before passing on to the 
>intended recipient.

How might the "safe renaming" happen? We need a general rule that can be
applied to any "dangerous" filename.
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