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Thu Aug 8 14:02:38 IST 2002

At 12:46 08/08/2002, you wrote:
>I will try to add spamassasin to my working mailscanner.
>Ive looked around but there is some things I cant figure

There are some notes in the Installation FAQ on the MailScanner web site
about installing and building SpamAssassin.

>Should I use spamassin with sendmail or mailscanner?


>With sendmail I think I have to go threw Milter?

Ignore all that.

>If I understand it right mailscanner will call for
>spamassasin just like it does with AV-programs?

No, it interfaces directly to the SpamAssassin perl API, it doesn't use any
extra programs (such as the spamassassin script, or spamc or spamd) to talk
to SpamAssassin.

>Best practise, use whitelist etc in mailscanner
>or spamassasin?

If you use RBLs in your MailScanner setup then you probably want to do most
of your whitelisting in MailScanner. However, SpamAssassins
auto-whitelisting feature is pretty good, and you turn that on via a
mailscanner.conf entry.

>Any performance differense I should consider between
>the 2 ways of using it?

Get MailScanner to call it. No process startup cost at all.
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