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At 16:53 07/08/2002, you wrote:
>Julian Field wrote:
>>But what then happens when you have more than 1 report for the same file?
>>This is why it cannot go in the template file.
>Let's take this example:
>Shortcuts to MS-Dos programs are very dangerous in email in Jun26.pif

It will now say
Shortcuts to MS-Dos programs are very dangerous in email (Jun26.pif)
as suggested by someone (sorry, I've forgotten who it was already :)
Hopefully this is nice and language-independent enough for everyone.

>I presume the code in question takes the bit up to "email" from the
>relevant entry in filename.rules.conf and the adds " in " and the filename?
>In this example you get the type of not quite English to which I was
>referring. Would some punctuation like a : or something be suitable
>instead? That way a translator can change filename.rules.conf and not worry
>about bits of English lurking in the perl. Or are you saying, Julian, that
>there is a more complex situation which the current code handles but this
>alternative wouldn't? Apologies if I'm missing the point.
>>Suggestions for better wording always welcome...
>Depends on how well one understands when the bits of wording are used...?
>(Another aside is that I wouldn't be surprised if we were required to have
>bilingual Welsh/English messages for everything if we ever advance from the
>current small scale trial...)
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