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Mon Aug 5 13:52:45 IST 2002

At 19:07 02/08/2002, you wrote:
>I have clients that subscribe to lists hosted by yahoogroups.  The list
>messages are often marked as spam, I assume, because of the
>advertisements contained in the message.
>The problem appears to be that the list server redirects (I think that's
>the term) messages so the To:/From: fields are as the original sender
>sees them.  I guess list members are BCC:
>For instance, a message looks like this:
>From: joeuser at
>To: list at

But what addresses appear in the envelope? They are what count, not what
appears in the headers. You may well find that the envelope sender address
is always somehow associated with yahoo.

>So, I can't put the sender in a whitelist, since it is different every
>time.  Since the list address appears in the To: field,  I have seen no
>effect by placing the list address in a whitelist.
>How do I work around this?  If I told spamassassin that
>was a local domain,  would that cause other problems?

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