Mike Walker mike at 4frontmedia.net
Fri Apr 12 15:10:26 IST 2002

Can anyone help?

We are recent users of your Mailscanner software and have found it so far to
work very well.

There are a couple of problems that we would be most grateful for some
assistance on.

We receive the odd mail on our domain, which for no particular reason does
have the footer included, which leads us to believe the message has not been
This in its self has caused some head scratching particularly as on closer
the e-mail header is showing that the message was found to be clean.

Increasing our follicle rubbing has been the discovery that all domains with
mail passing
through our mail gateway are having the "X-Mailscanner: found to be clean"
included, irrespective of whether the domain is in the
"domains-to-scan.conf" file.

Can anyone shed light on these issues for me?.

Many thanks

Mike Walker
4Front Media

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