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Pablo Iranzo Gómez Pablo.Iranzo at UV.ES
Fri Apr 12 14:02:03 IST 2002


        I've seen that there's a spam whitelist for always allowing mail
from certain directions, but I'm interested in implementing on my server
a spam elimination solution only for certain emails.


        I've my email redirected to a local mailbox and to a remote
email that automatically sends me an SMS to my mobile phone  with the
sender email and subject line. 
        My adress is reflected in aliases as:

        Name.Surname: Name.Mobile, \login
        Name.Mobile: phonenumber at

        (everything is working fine this way)

        I've tried to put this in /etc/procmailrc:

                        * ^Subject:.*\{SPAM\?\}
                        * ^TO.*\.Mobile@
                        ! SpamTrap

        That as far as I know means that for every mail arriving, check
the subject for the words {SPAM?}, and in the destination adress check
for something with ".Mobile@" and if both conditions are true, then
forward the message to a spamtrap instead of sending it to the
phonenumber at

        I've tested too including phonenumber at as recipient
instead of the ".Mobile@" and it doesn't work neither: I continue
getting the SPAM in my mobile

        Is this something that should be addressed by the MailScanner
using some kind of list that should never get SPAM in opossition to the
spam-whitelist?? Or should I try to use other aproach to solve this
problem? (hints accepted ;) )

        Thanks in advance



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